Wow, not bad at all!! Almost forget I’m missing my stomach…

I can just about eat normal now. I’m trying to think back to the last time I had to spit up my food, and I can’t remember. It’s been quite some time. Those accidental large bites that used to come back up before seem to get forced down now. I’ve visited many restaurants lately where I don’t know where the bathroom is because I didn’t have to make a mad dash to it!

My portion sizes have really been fantastic the last several weeks. This 6-7 month mark must be the wonderful hurdle I’d heard about. I ate 1-2 cups of angel hair pasta with spaghetti sauce and two meatballs. I’m able to drink liquids leading up to meals, though it still seems easier to give my gut a break immediately following a meal. I usually


to wait 30 minutes after a meal to drink liquids. Though, I have been able to drink water with spicy foods during meals.

I still do my protein shakes and they still can tear you up a bit. I still think they’re tough on the gut, but if I have a chunk of time between meals on the go, they can still fill a void. I only mix in water. I can also consume foods faster now, so I have to watch out for too much sugar. The other day I had Greek yogurt with a few blackberries and some granola. I think the granola put me over the top. I call it my “sugar comatose”, and I’ll figure it out.

I can drink several beers if I want to. I can also enjoy coffee. Before Christmas, I went to a party serving soups and chili. I was able to enjoy a creamy turkey soup, then a glass of wine, followed later on my some chili. There was a big gap before the chili, but I was impressed how well it all went.

I can finally out eat my children. We frequently tell them that if they are eating slower than mommy, they aren’t eating fast enough…they love to play with food and not actually eat. I still find it hard to instill good eating habits in my kids since I snack a lot. And snack food isn’t usually healthy for kids. I’ve found almonds are a good choice because I tell them they can have some, and they usually turn it down. Aka make your snack foods gross enough to kids that they don’t want a bite! 😉

Weight loss for the gastrectomy patient; weight gain for the spouse. Now that I eat smaller portion sizes, it’s easy for my hubbie to eat my leftovers. He thinks he’s packing on a few extra pounds in part thanks to my surgery. We’re also getting older, so a little metabolism slowdown is possible too.

I’m physically at full strength. I’m jumping on trampolines with the kids, helping lift Christmas trees, climbing on counters, etc. I have my half marathon Jan 19 and am completely undertrained, but unconcerned. I’ve run enough races, I know I can do it. I might not PR, but that’s ok. This isn’t my year for that. I’m just relaxing and super happy to be on vacation from work!!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, stomachless 2014.

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