From the perspective of a marathon runner, I’m in shock. With 5 marathons under my belt, it’s hard to believe that my legs are sore after a mere 2.5 mile slow jog. But yes, it’s true. My leg muscles ran away and hid somewhere while I mentally prepared myself to get back into running.

When I said it was going to take a lot of work to get back to full strength, I wasn’t kidding. Today got insanely crazy, so no running. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. One thing I’ve learned about running is that a week away was noticeable; so I guess 3 months out of the game plus major surgery & weight loss is so far beyond behind, it’s an entire strength rebuild.

Yesterday I blasted through 2000 calories on my food intake, so the 2.5 miles didn’t cause me to lose weight. I have typically used the rule of thumb that it’s 100 calories burned per mile. So, the 250ish calories lost were compensated for by my food. So I was able to keep up with my food on my first day returning to running. I’ll just continue to test my mileage increase to see what the pushpoint is when I see my weight look like it’s going down again.

The biggest challenge to this post-gastrectomy life is how constantly diligent you have to be about nutrition. And since consuming food just outright takes longer with all the chewing and snacking, that’s a huge time commitment. Will try to keep it up. Word on the street is that after about a year, your body has adapted a bit more. High hopes!

Have a great night. I’m tired now, like usual…I should stop blogging right before bed. You must think I’m constantly exhausted.

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